"We’re building communities"

Affinity marketing, what is it for?

Yet another marketing fluff?
Believe it or not, it’s a vision thing!

Back in 2002, Sopi was the first ever ethnic marketing agency in France. Frankly
speaking, it was limited vision for limited budgets. Communities were much smaller
than in the USA and were far from being homogeneous. Still, people can share values or
needs. It just requires a bit of sophistication to target the right people.

Meanwhile, “Niche markets” increasingly appear as the exciting paths before entering the
mainstream game. David Guetta and Will i-a-m rule!

Local is global

Facebook started targeting “Frats” in Harvard. New marketing is dead such as old
marketing! Creativity has finally met datamarketing. We all start with dashboards.
Netherteless, we still believe in face to face contacts.

Therefore, Sopi has been assigned to stick to the following:

The is no Identity, there are identities

> People are on the move, no matter they’re using Skype or low cost airlines

We all are brands

Multicultural comes to transcultural. A target group may not be what you thought