Survey on affinities between the programs and a selected audience.Strategic support for France Ô launch on digital : brand strategy, business model,launch campaign. 


Survey on ethnic/exotic food markets.



Impact survey on a campaign targeting African, Maghrebi, Chinese and Turkish communities in France.


Strategic and creative support, launch of communication programs aiming to improve health knowledge and modify health prevention behaviours among targeted populations.


Support for deployment of provincial delegation and production of information guides


Study and product testing on a new taste for Yorik. New packaging design.


Case study on ethnocosmetics.



Design and contribution to an ethnic marketing conference


Ramadan special commercial operation (2007)


Brand animation in areas of Paris with a high concentration of African population.


Strategic and creative support in communication for the European market : product campaigns, brand campaigns, product and corporate events, image studies, product lanch campaigns. 


Ready-made halal meals pre-launch market study.


Brand name seach and study for a new Algerian bank.


Halal baby food pre-launch market study.


Pre-launch market study for an innovative mobile phone product strategy aiming young urbans


Case study on ethnocosmetics.

Nation wide animation in supermarket for the launch of a beauty product.




Media image study.


Street marketing campaign in the whole Lyon city area.


Design/production of an online game campaign targeting The French West Indians.


Design/production of an online game promoting construction jobs among the 18-25 years old.